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A Guide To OAuth 2.0 Grants

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Aug 2017
Looking for a new maintainer of league/oauth2-server
Jul 2016
Updated: a guide to OAuth 2.0 grants
Jul 2016
Laravel Passport and league/oauth2-server
Apr 2016
OAuth 2.0 Device Flow Grant
Apr 2016
league/oauth2-server version 5.0 is out!
Apr 2016
Annoucing league/oauth2-server 5.0.0 RC2
Mar 2016
Annoucing league/oauth2-server 5.0 RC1
Apr 2015
OAuth Open Redirector Attack
Dec 2014
OAuth 2 and API Security discussion on Full Stack Radio podcast
Nov 2014
Version 4 of league/oauth2-server is out!
Jan 2014
Introducing OAuthello, a book about OAuth
Nov 2013
A nifty refresh-token trick
Sep 2013
How to securely store OAuth access tokens in single page JavaScript web apps
Mar 2013
More OAuth pitfalls that you can easily avoid
Mar 2013
Twitter's official clients have their OAuth keys leak
Feb 2013
Facebook’s OAuth problem
Feb 2013
Developing an OAuth 2.0 authorization server
Feb 2013
PHP, meet OAuth 2.0
Oct 2012
OAuth 2.0 has been standardised
Oct 2012
Upcoming identity work from Google announcement
Sep 2012
OAuth 2.0 Security - Going Beyond Bearer Tokens
Jul 2012
OAuth 2.0 and the road to Hell
Jul 2012
What is OAuth?